#4109-A 冷凍鯛魚柳 (海水養殖) 150gx3
#4109-A 冷凍鯛魚柳 (海水養殖) 150gx3

#4109-A 冷凍鯛魚柳 (海水養殖) 150gx3

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冷凍鯛魚柳 (海水養殖) 150gx3 Frozen Tilapia Fillet (Sea Water Cultivate)150gx3



Tilapia is an inexpensive, mild-flavored fish. It is fairly inexpensive with affordable price and doesn’t taste very fishy. Talipia is great impressive source of protein and the amount of vitamins B12.

We also provide three more fish fillets, that is New Zealand HOKI fillets, Vietnam Paga fish fillet and Rockfish fillets. Please choose your favourite one!

The simple and healthy cod recipe is baked cod with lemon.

*(Frozen) (-18°C)